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Sarah Samuelson Studio

Professional Photography and Voice Lessons

I am a voice instructor, music educator and a professional photographer. I offer vocal instruction to discover what your instrument, your voice, really can do and then grow in confidence to share your story through singing. I have personally studied both classical and gospel techniques and can adapt your singing journey to include the music you love. I created a curriculum for learning to read music through singing. I enjoy teaching singing both privately and in public schools for 20+ years to students with a wide range of abilities and challenges. 

My photography is available on Etsy at Sarah Samuelson Studio.

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All About Me

I earned a Bachelor in Music Education from the University of Puget Sound, a Masters in Music Ed from Minnesota State Univ, and National Board Certification. I have a unique combination of training as a voice teacher. I am trained in classical, gospel, jazz and contemporary Christian worship technique. I have over 20 years of experience with teaching private voice and piano lessons. I taught elementary music for 12 years, so I have an expertise in teaching children. I also taught high school choir so I understand the needs of high school students. I taught music education courses at the University of Puget Sound for 6 years and I've used this knowledge of pedagogy to create a sight reading curriculum based on Kodaly method. My books are called Solfege, Songs & Spirituals. I also have a Bible-based version called Solfege & Scripture. I have performed in and directed multiple musicals. I am an active member of NATS (National Association for Teachers of Singing). I welcome students of all ages wishing to sing classical, musical theater, jazz, country and worship music. My goals is for music to bring beauty and joy into our lives through building confidence, developing creativity and inspiring a love of music.


As a lifelong learner, I have continued to research strategies for helping my students manage anxiety. Through studying over 50 books about anxiety and the brain and participating in multiple professional trainings, I learned many brain-based techniques to overcome anxiety, build resilience to stress, and improve cognitive function. My knowledge of a variety of sources and styles of quality music also gives multiple ways to further promote relaxation and healing from the impact of stress and trauma in our lives.

I also am a professional photographer specializing in artistic photos of the beauty in nature and the joy of family celebrations. I especially love hummingbirds, flowers, especially the wildflowers in the Pacific Northwest. I have also created multiple photo videos for relaxation and devotionals.


“Creativity is intelligence having fun!” ~Albert Einstein

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Studio Offerings

Music brings Joy

Voice lessons

Joyful Singing!

As a Music Instructor since 2004, I’ve provided the tools and guidance and enthusiasm needed to help all of my students excel and enjoy singing. All voice students will specific singing techniques that can help anyone learn to sing. I also use my Solfege, Songs & Spirituals books to improve sight reading skills. I have experience working with advanced students preparing for auditions and competitions as well as beginners who have always thought they couldn't sing. Get in touch today to find out more and to reserve your lesson today!

Vintage Mic

Brain-Integrating Voice Lessons

Helps Anxiety, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and various other learning disabilities. Students of all ages welcome.

In brain-integrating voice lessons students will learn fun and movement-oriented songs. My curriculum uses the Solfege system (do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do) which includes hand signs. The syllables plus the hand signs help students to sing melodies, match pitch, begin music note recognition, and joyfully build learning skills with music. Singing the words helps reinforce verbal skills and I can incorporate speech therapy exercises when needed. Students will be introduced to Bal-A-Vis-X (a series of Balance/Auditory/Vision eXercises, of varied complexity, all of which are deeply rooted in rhythm and integrate mind and body). Most exercises are done with sand-filled bags and racquetballs. Exercises improve visual tracking, attention span, and group collaboration. For more information go to

As an experienced music educator in the public schools and privately, I have worked with students with Down Syndrome, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delays, Seizure disorders, and various learning challenges. I focus on patiently developing the joy of music through each of these brain changing methods. I believe in a positive approach that gives students constructive ways to learn while motivating and guiding students. I adapt lesson content for each individual student.

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Piano Lesson


Photos and Photo Videos

I offer fine art prints and greeting cards of hummingbirds, flowers in gardens or in famous cities, and wildflowers and nature found on Pacific Northwest hikes and in National Parks. 

I also have created lyric videos with my photography and have several playlists: Singing to Renew Your Mind, Solfege & Scripture Level 1, and Christmas lyric videos with artwork by various artists.


 I also created the videos "Visualize Healing through God's Love" as meditations inspired by the books I read about neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to heal and change.

Home: Lessons

Sarah is an amazing teacher. I've had the pleasure of working with her on many productions as a vocal director for my drama program at my school. At the time she was our director of choirs and brought her experience and expertise as an educator, musician, and performer. Sarah has a firm but approachable teaching style with high standards and expectations, but she also is caring, patient, and empathetic with young performers and teaches them valuable tools to achieve those high standards. She teaches the whole student/performer: vocal technique, musicality and interpretation, and character, as well as music theory. I watched my actors grow immensely with skill and confidence in their vocal performance under her guidance. I would highly recommend Sarah as a vocal or music teacher to any of my students or anyone wanting to improve their singing or piano skills. I've been thinking of taking voice lessons again and she would be my first call.

David Ellis
Theatre teacher and director
Auburn Mountainview High School

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My 10 year old daughter has the pleasure of working with Sarah virtually to improve her singing techniques. Sarah has already done an amazing job channeling my daughters enthusiasm for singing into noticeable improvements with pitch, tone, breathing and rhythm. Not only is Sarah enthusiastic and positive but she is also intentional with individualized plans to build confidence while also focusing on areas to improve. We look forward to each lesson!  Sarah also has given my daughter the tools to be motivated to practice in between lessons to further enhance her skills.   Sarah truly fosters the joy of singing with very noticeable changes!


Home: Testimonial
Home: Testimonial

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Sarah Samuelson

Lakeland Hills neighborhood 
Auburn WA United States 98092

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Sarah's authentic joy, contagious energy and true love for teaching music are unparalleled.  Both of our children have greatly benefited from her musical expertise, knowledge and passion. We highly recommend her!


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