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Learn to Play in Harmony is a curriculum for learning how to read music by singing and playing the recorders. The solfège method assigns each note in the music scale with a syllable: do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do as heard in the song “doe a deer…ray a drop of golden sun…me a name I call myself.” This curriculum starts with songs only using do, then do-re, then do-re-mi and so on. Melodies are songs from different countries and African American spirituals. Here are the steps for learning. My experience has been that those who learn with solfège and note names will build a tonal memory that over time will help you learn songs more quickly.


The Sing and Play Process of Learning


Learn the solfège

  • Practice the hand signs – it helps you remember the solfège

  • Practice the fingerings while singing the solfège - it helps your fingers get used to feeling the recorder wholes and hearing the melody and the  solfège will help you remember the relationship between the pitches (steps or skips or repeated notes)  

  • Play the note and think the solfège as you play

  • Learn the note names

  • Practice the fingerings while singing the note names – B-A-G - Taking time to do both of these steps will help you build your tonal memory stronger.

  • Play the notes and think the note names as you play

  • Learn the lyrics

  • Sing the lyrics in the language you are most familiar with then sing in the language your friends are most familiar with. This is a great way to memorize Bible verses!

  • Practice the fingerings while saying the lyrics.

  • Play the note and think the lyrics as you play.

  • Bring your own creativity

  • Once you’ve learned the song start improvising or creating your own version! Remember the rhythms are only simplified for learning.

    Change the rhythms

    Think of new lyrics.

  • Continue to learn more melodies and harmony

  • Reinforce Bible stories – I included page numbers for every song connecting to a Bible story from multiple children’s Bibles.

  • Continue learning Bible verses, solfège, music theory and languages to sing in choir or with small ensembles in Level 2, 3, 4 and more.  If you have any questions contact Happy singing!

Recorders - Kreyòl Ayisyen & English - Learn to Play in Harmony Level One

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